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The Experience of Exhibiting

December 26th, 2017

It has been almost a decade since former GHCC president Richard Laster wrote of the spirit which still drives our experience with the Club and our experience with exhibiting at the Money Show:

This current interest means that we who are involved in the sharing of the numismatic world need to be focused on helping those who come to us not only learn but also come to an appreciate of the uniqueness of the numismatic creation.  A great time to do this is just ahead.  On September 20th we’ll meet once again.  Yes, to me it does seem like a very long time since we have last been together.  As we gather we’ll do what we usually do; we’ll greet like-minded friends, we’ll exchange stories of recent conquests, we’ll listen intently to the material shared at show and tell and at program time, and we’ll do something for the future, we’ll encourage each other and we’ll be particularly open to those who come seeking a place to learn.”

Your current exhibits chairman (JB) has been in place for the past six years (save for one year when he was unable to perform and an alternate chairman was in place).  The experience has been uplifting.  There have been countless times when folks of all kinds of numismatic backgrounds and levels of experience have said “Thanks for doing this and thanks for motivating me to share with others by showcasing my own specialty”.  That is the heart of exhibiting:  Learning more about your items and their background while building the exhibit and then sharing what you have learned in an interesting way with others who may be seeing this material for the first time.   The formal judging (ANA-style) has little to do with it.  That aspect appeals more to those with a competitive streak and need to be recognized thorough a ranking.  The Best of Show prize is nice public recognition, but the true reward belongs to EACH exhibitor, and is the experience of building and placing the exhibit.  This is truly a situation in which all participants are winners.

We welcome first-time exhibitors as well as seasoned ones.  Consultation and guidance is available.  At the Houston Money Show in 2015 and again in 2016 we had a splendid turnout of about 15 exhibitors and used 60 display cases.   Exhibits compete in eight classes determined by the subject of the exhibit.  An innovation at the 2018 Money Show is that several classes have named sponsors whose pledge helps support the Club’s cost of running the exhibits program.