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Clinic Preparation

Boy Scout & Girl Scout Clinics

What to Do Before the Clinic


Be sure to remember to wear your uniform!

If you wish to come and participate in the clinic/seminar, learn about coin collecting and understand what you need to do to get your collector merit badge or patch, but not demonstrate your knowledge and take the test, there is little that you must do before the seminar. Just bring a pad and pencil or pen and be prepared to learn about a fun and interesting hobby.

Please remember to bring your card so it can be signed by one of the certified counselors. If you don’t have one, there will be cards at the clinic. To complete the program please bring the following:

    1) Five different state quarters from circulation;

    2) A circulated set of current coins including a cent, nickel, dime, quarter, half dollar and dollar;

    3) A date set of a single kind (or type) of coin since the year of your birth up to 2014; and

    4) Read the BSA Coin Collecting merit badge pamphlet and be prepared to be quizzed on it.


What to Do at the Clinic

Everyone will learn a lot about their money. Scouts can complete the rest of their requirements and demonstrate their knowledge during the clinic. Adult leaders and parents are welcome and encouraged to attend, but they should realize that the room will be packed.


What Happens after the Clinic

If you have time, come in the morning (girls) or stay in for the afternoon (boys) and enjoy The Money Show of the Southwest, participate in the Youth programs (Put-A-Penny-In-A-Slot and the Treasure Chest Grab), and look at the very rare and very expensive (millions of $) numismatic items that will be on display.

Lastly, thank the dealers because they are the ones that support all these programs. You might want to purchase a coin or bill for your collection, or look over some of the coin related jewelry.

If you have a question please call  281-290-7421

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