Houston Money show

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The Greater Houston Coin Club gives boys and girls the opportunity to start or add to their coin collection with cents (penny) in a slot.

Each child will be given the opportunity to take home real money in the form of Lincoln memorial cents along with present day cent design. Each child is presented with a tri-fold album for collecting cents and given the challenge of finding cents that match both year and mint mark of manufacture. Tubs containing hundreds of cents are placed on the table in front of the kids as they search through them to find dates they need to fill the cent album. As they find those cents they press them into the album for safe keeping and continue the adventure of locating the next cent needed to fill all 100 slots in their album. 

Mom and Dad can watch and even help press the cents in the booklet, but it is up to the child themselves to find the correct mint and date needed to fill the album. After 30 minutes the challenge is over and they get to take home all the cents they have successfully found and placed in slots.

We hope that the children, along with their parents, will now continue their numismatic adventure and learn more about the cents and other coins as well.