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Sunday, July 1,2007

  • Money Show New Dates
    I had a conversation with someone the other day who asked a “how come” question about the sudden calendar relocation of the Money Show of the Southwest from the end of January to the first of December.  Unfortunately the first thing out of my mouth was an old cliché that sort of baffled my hearer.  I said, “Well, the ox was in the ditch.”

    For those of you who are not familiar with the saying, it is very simply interpreted.  The root of it is actually found in Luke 14 in the New Testament.  For more concerning the specifics and history of the saying you’ll have to check Luke 14 and appropriate commentaries.  Basically what the saying means is that in some cases extreme urgency is required.  If an oxen, for example, remains in a “ditch” it will become distracted and if not rescued soon, will do much damage to itself and to the area around it as it is trying to escape.

    Now I’m not saying that the show is like an “ox,” however we are in a place where a date change will help the Greater Houston Coin Club maintain the growing and vibrant show we have become use to.  The simple truth is that the “ox is in the ditch.”  Let me explain why...  This is the case because the weekend which was our only choice for January of 2008, (owing to the coming of Mary Kay Cosmetics international convention to the George R. Brown), was too close to FUN and the Long Beach shows.  We were losing dealers.  The “big draw” folks such as PCGS, and an auction, etc. were not going to be present.  If we didn’t move to a more secure date we were at the least going to lose money and at the greatest lose the show for at least one year. Perhaps this would damage the club to such as extent that the show might be gone forever.  Add to this the fact that for the last several years the Money Show dates have been moved by the Brown Convention Center in order to accommodate larger conventions which are traditionally in January and bring into the city coffers far more funds than we would.  Also remember that we were kicked out at the last minute by our previous venue.  All of this is to say that for our needs the end of January wasn’t workable for either the short term or over the long haul.  The first of December is.  We can even book the Brown Convention facility in advance, guaranteed, for several years to come.  Into the mix place the availability of a Heritage Numismatic auction in early December and you’ll understand the issue much better.  The ox was in the ditch.  We had to get it out.

    I hope in some way this diatribe will add some understanding and help you as a fellow GHCC member and friend understand the “why” that was placed before us.  We’ll need to hustle.  But it’ll all work out and it’ll be great.
    Regards and God Bless,
    P.S.  The opportunity to do a “show and tell” at Club meetings is open to all.  I do need to remind you as I remind myself that the “show and tell” we have at every meeting is only to be a brief presentation, limited to about three minutes at the most.  If you have something to share which may be of a longer duration, please see Sebastian and we can make a program out of your collector passion.  Thanks.

    Regards and God Bless . . Richard

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